The Future Entertainment Foundation unveiling as it happened in Jos, Nigeria

The Future Entertainment Foundation unveiling ceremony was held in Jos plateau state, Nigeria on February 28th with the aim of showcasing what the foundation is all about. Mr. Solomon Inusa the founder made a presentation about the foundation stating that TFEFoundation is the first of its kind nonprofit organization in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a strong vision to ensure that the power of music is made practical in the lives of pupils in schools and people in communities. It seeks to utilize the power of music to educate, innovate, inspire, heal, transform and empower the next generation.

A paper was presented by Dr. Godwin Ogli of Music Department University of Jos on The Importance of music education, challenges, and prospect to the Nigerian state. His paper presentation was focus on the Nigerian child stating, that music is the number tool used in the transmission of cultural values and language.

He also mentions some of the challenges facing music education in Nigeria such as lack of qualified teachers, lack of finance especially in public schools, ignorance, negligence and more. He also stressed the fact that if the Government must improve the educational sector then it must take music education seriously.

The audience at the event was thrilled by musical performances from Favour and Krstal winners from TFEFoundation karaoke lounge show with JayFM 101.9 FM in Jos as well as Ebenezer who is also a fast-rising music star and producer. The event was powered by DJ Slim Overdupp a well-respected DJ from JayFM Jos.

The event also feature a Recognition Award ceremony to honor three (3) individuals for their contributions to the development of music over the years in Nigeria.

Adu Deme was honored with the Song Writers Award 2020 for pioneering what is today known as Nigeria Electronic music with his Hit Single “Yarinya” back in the days. Adu Deme is also known as the father of RnB music in Nigeria.

The second award of the day was given to Dantala Dewan for creating “Ndengdeng Music” a fusion of local plateau instruments to create a melody many referred to as “The Plateau Sound” Dantala Dewang was honored with the Music innovators Award 2020

The last award for the day was given to Arc. Hart Bankat for his constants support and dedication to help musician succeed in their career. Arc. Hart Bankat was honored with the Music Philanthropist Award 2020

The Foundation was unveiled by Dorcas Bentu with a toast who happens to be one of the advisory board member at The Future Entertainment Foundation.

Good will massages was received from Invited guest and awardees. Closing remark and appreciation was also received from the organizers.

The event came to an end with a photo session.