This is why we believe that music can change the bad narratives and unite us all

In this part of the world, we believe the purpose of music is limited for leisure only, government, society and families are yet to realize how music is shaping our everyday life. It is a fact that no other tool of social change can be used to transmit culture powerfully as music.
Africa is faced with diverse challenges from unemployment to youth delinquencies, poverty, diseases, war, bad leadership and more Yet, we are still unaware that music can be used to provide the needed education that will shape our thoughts, engage our minds, unite us and gives us the courage to make the necessary change towards building a better future for our nation.
It is in this light that The Future Entertainment Foundation seeks to change the wrong perception about music to say that yes, we can listen to music and feel good but, beyond that, we can use music as a tool for promoting peace, equity and justice in our communities.
We seek to promote music education in schools, we believe that children need it most. Research has shown that all children thrive when they have music in their lives. Music helps children to feel and express their emotions in a healthy way. Music also supports cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development.
Furthermore, we believe that with music we can build the broken relationships in our communities, as a tool for peace building music can neutralize all forms of hatred, loneliness, depression, the need for vengeance and pain caused by years of religious and ethnic wars in our communities.
We intern to harness the force and the power of music as a great equalizer and a healing tool to both children and grownups alike.