“If you look at it historically, music has always been the accompaniment of social change.” — Mary Travers

The Future Entertainment Foundation music for peace building program is dedicated to using the power of music to bring people affected by war, natural disaster, religious or other conflicts together. No doubt our society is currently ravaged with a lot of insecurity with over 200,000 women and children displaced with 85% of them orphans.

Most of them are suffering from trauma, faced with acute loneliness, living without hope and no dream for a better tomorrow. What better remedy other than music, that can bring these children together, help them heal, feel loved and give them hope, be a companion in their alone times and help them dream a new?

The goal of this program is to help communities and children find love and peace through the power of music. This we intend to achieve the following

  1. Hosting peace concerts in affected communities, IDP camps and orphanage homes
  2. Donating music instruments to orphans, children and women group in camps
  3. Recording original and royalty free peace/love song in local dialect, teaching it to children in camps and homes
  4. Partnering with other relevant organization to conduct music therapy for trauma healing
  5. Create/work with orphanage choirs to help them raise awareness and support