Those of us who have enjoyed an education in music is aware of its many benefits. Besides musical abilities, career and a lifelong appreciation of music; music education develops creativity, responsibility, discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure, pride in results, group cooperation, confidence, social and communications skills, emotional maturity, and many other valuable traits and skills. In short, music education provides excellent preparation for life and that is, of course, precisely the goal of our music education advocacy program.

In recent years music education in many of our schools and communities is at risk. Many schools have removed music education from their curriculums due to lack of educators and inadequate budget for music education. While the politicians, administrators and school officials find it difficult to allocate funding and resources to ensure that music education strives hence, the need for Music Education Advocacy.

The Future Entertainment Foundation is committed to reminding decision-makers about the importance of music education in our curriculum. We will also play our part by providing support to schools who are currently offering music education in their curriculum through our activities such as

  • music instrument donation
  • music competition
  • tfe inspire (role model showcase)
  • school karaoke and more

So as to encourage other schools to see the need to introduce music education in their own school’s curriculums.

Our goal is never to promote music education at the expense of other courses rather, that music education must live in harmony with the existing curriculum. Benefiting the entire school and the community.

Our surveys show that majority of the population wants music education in our schools, 93% agree that music is part of a well-rounded education, and 86% feel all schools should offer instrumental music as part of the regular curriculum.