The Future Entertainment Foundation aka TFEFoundation is a nonprofit organization in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a strong vision to ensure that the power of music is made practical in the lives of pupils in schools and people in communities.

Through our programs and events that allow people to learn, play and experience love, forgiveness, peace and to express themselves through music’s life-long benefits.


We help kids, schools, and communities realize their full potential through the power of music.


... Is to harness the power of music for the common good of man


  1. To use music as a tool to promote peace and social change
  2. To provide instruments to music education programs across the country, including schools and communities
  3. To assist members of the music community undergoing financial or personal hardship in actualizing their musical dreams
  4. To use music to spotlight societal ills and problems with the goal of uniting people to finding lasting solutions
  5. To seek and spot the lights on those who deserve to be celebrated for their Hard Work, Diligence and contributions to the culture of music.


passionate musicians who are willing and ready to work with us 24/7 to ensure our goals and objectives are achieved.
They serve as role models to children in schools and the communities we work in.